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Personalized Full Home Consultations


DESIGN Consultations

Turn your House into a Home

Full Home Analysis  

Organize, De Clutter, Reposition, 

Balance and Color your Home so you find ease and deep rest once more.

Full Home Consultation $697 for up to 3,000 sq ft.

($0.50 each additional ft).

or $150 per hour 

Travel fees may apply.


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Safe Technology/
EMF Consultation

Creating Safe Environments

EMF Education and Professional Testing of Electrical, Magnetic and Wireless Fields and Mitigation with Kiah Bosy and Liz Menkes.

$150 per hour 

Travel fees may apply.

Call Kiah Bosy at (415)-488-3924 or email for pricing and booking.


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EMF & DESIGN Consultation

Reset Your Life

Combine EMF Analysis AND Design for a Sustainable, Healthy Home.

Kiah Bosy and Liz Menkes.

Travel fee may apply.


Two Consultants will visit your home to evaluate, recreate and mitigate.

Call Kiah Bosy at (415)-488-3924 or email for pricing and booking.


Personalized Consultations

The consultations listed below are all held over the phone. If you'd like to book an in person appointment, call Kiah directly at (415)-488-3924.


The Sleep Solutions Program: Available Online SOON

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Science of Sleep

  • Learn what Electronics Disrupt  your Sleep 

  • Learn  how EMFs cause anxiety, heart irregularities, headaches, destroy melatonin, hijack sleep and negate their affects

  •  Get the Solutions to Create a Healthy Intelligent Home

  • Hot Tips for Traveling and Hotel Stays

  • Informed, Loving Support (PDFs, Videos, Research, Coaching)