Repeating and Relating Colour Placements

What is the connection between Feng Shui and Colour?

As you know, colour plays a significant role in how we feel and what we are attracted to. Repeating colours and keeping them in relationship with each other is an easy, delightful way to bring harmony and beauty into any space.

Colours range from cool to warm, and can be used to elicit certain biological and emotional responses. For example, to aid digestion and enhance the digestive fires, one could add warm comforting colours to the dining room or kitchen area. 
In the bedroom, Feng Shui draws on any colour in the ‘flesh tone” palette which includes, peach, cranberry, burgundy, browns, and white..…which will bring warmth and foster intimacy in the bedroom.

One can use colours associated with the elements, to create a quality of response you wish for a specific room. Following the principles of the Five Elements, you can become a master at orchestrating Sacred Spaces. Watch how your family and friends respond to the changes your orchestrate.

See the links below and begin to notice the variations of the Elemental colours and how they work in juxtaposition, merging into and/or complimenting one another and the many variations.