Design a SAFE Home for you!

  • Make the Electrical, Magnetic and Wireless Radiation Safe in your bedroom

  • Learn the Impacts and make informed decisions

  • Strategies to Mitigate  EMF Pollution

  • Professional Testing

  • Resources and Support



DIY  Online Program COMING SOON

The Sleep Solutions Program

The Science of Sleep

Hack Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs)

that Disrupt Sleep

  • Find what specific Devices & Technologies (EMFs) are Disturbing your Sleep

  • Grounding, Lighting, Hard-lining, Testing,

        Outside sources, Mattresses, Shielding,                      Health Impacts, Cells phones, Stereos etc.

  • Clear Directions to make your Home Safe

  • Informed Loving Support

        (Videos, Recipes, Resources)

The Design of Sleep

Finally Create Your Sleep Sanctuary

  • Learn the "Deal Breakers" in your Bedroom

  • Bedrooms You Sleep 101

        (Lighting, Beds, Mirrors & more)

  • Restful Colours, Textures, Art, and Bedding

  • Taking back the "Command" of your bedroom

  • Intelligent, Loving Support

  • Informed Loving Support

        (Videos, Recipes, Resources)

The Alchemy of Sleep​

Calm & Balance - Ancient Remedies 

  • Unique, Pre bedtime Remedies that work!

  • Powerful Unique Tips  to Soothe Your Nervous System 

  • Nourishing Night-Time Concoctions

  • Your Perfect Balanced Lifestyle made simple

  • Informed Loving Support

        (Videos, Recipes, Resources)