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Design a SAFE Home for you!

  • Make the Electrical, Magnetic and Wireless Radiation Safe in your bedroom

  • Learn the Impacts and make informed decisions

  • Strategies to Mitigate  EMF Pollution

  • Professional Testing

  • Resources and Support



  • Lowered Immunity 

  • Lack of Emotional Resilience (depression, anxiousness, frustration, overwhelm, etc)

  • Lack of Creativity and Productivity

  • Increased risk of Cancers

  • Increased risk of Accidents

  • Challenged Relationships

  • Increased risk of Addictive Behavior

So you feel Happy again

So your relationships can deepen

So work is more enjoyable and rewarding

So your kids will respect you again

So you can feel secure and nourished

DIY  Online Program COMING SOON

The Sleep Solutions Program

The Science of Sleep

Hack Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs)

that Disrupt Sleep

  • Find what specific Devices & Technologies (EMFs) are Disturbing your Sleep

  • Grounding, Lighting, Hard-lining, Testing,

        Outside sources, Mattresses, Shielding,                      Health Impacts, Cells phones, Stereos etc.

  • Clear Directions to make your Home Safe

  • Informed Loving Support

        (Videos, Recipes, Resources)

The Design of Sleep

Finally Create Your Sleep Sanctuary

  • Learn the "Deal Breakers" in your Bedroom

  • Bedrooms You Sleep 101

        (Lighting, Beds, Mirrors & more)

  • Restful Colours, Textures, Art, and Bedding

  • Taking back the "Command" of your bedroom

  • Intelligent, Loving Support

  • Informed Loving Support

        (Videos, Recipes, Resources)

The Alchemy of Sleep​

Calm & Balance - Ancient Remedies 

  • Unique, Pre bedtime Remedies that work!

  • Powerful Unique Tips  to Soothe Your Nervous System 

  • Nourishing Night-Time Concoctions

  • Your Perfect Balanced Lifestyle made simple

  • Informed Loving Support

        (Videos, Recipes, Resources)

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