Sleep Solutions Program

The 3 Foundations of  DEEP Rest and Sound Sleep

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The Science of Sleep

  • Which Technologies Disrupt Sleep (EMFs)

  • Identifying ALL the Sources

  • Clear Solutions to make your Bedroom Safe

  • Videos, PowerPoints, and Resource Links

  • Support (PDFs, Videos, Research, Suggestions)

The Design of Sleep

  • Learn the Deal Breakers in Bedrooms

  • Room use 101 (Lighting, Beds, Mirrors & more)

  • Optimal Colours, Textures, Art, and Bedding

  • "Command" positon of the bed

  • Support (PDFs, Videos, Research, Coaching)

The Alchemy of Sleep

  • Nourishing Night-Time Concoctions

  • Unique, Pre bedtime Remedies that work!

  • Calming your Nervous System 

  • The Ideal, balanced Lifestyle made simple

  • Support (Videos, Recipes, Resources)

Program Bonuses

($199 value)

Interviews of Experts and Lay Folks with Experience


  • The power of Breath… Ancient Technologies  (Ogi)

  • How I changed my life and my capacity to Rest… She Nose….. (Marylyn)

  • How to speak with your family & children about Safe Technology (Aya)

  • Recreating new patterns, Dr of Osteopathy (Michelle)

  • Overwhelm & Addiction with Technology - Trauma Expert (Keslie)

  • Designing Ourselves to sleep (???)

  • How to UNPLUG in Our ever-changing world…. (Vicki Seivers)

  • Alchemy of Sleep from the Sages (Guruji or Tapasya Maa)