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About Us

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CHI Home Designs is the trusted source for integrative wellness solutions in the Home. We offer an open-minded approach to Environmental Design that inspires health and enjoyment in the lives of our customers, and the world.

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We are passionate, productive, and committed to bringing a positive attitude to those we encounter during these challenging times. As a team, we work together to foster the overall wellness of our clients, physically and emotionally thru their environment.

We are committed to listening intently, sharing our wealth of information, and co-creating the most elegant, powerful changes in your life. Serving our clients is a top priority and we want to provide exceptional, personalized service whenever possible.



The world is our community and is intimately connected with the wellbeing of all of us.

WE are devoted to supporting your neighborhood and community as well as your family and hold them in the highest regard in all of our consultations.

When there is beauty in the home there is harmony in the family. When there is harmony in the family there is tranquility in the community. When there is tranquility in the neighborhood there is peace in the world.


We extend our core values beyond the boundaries of our “Client Family” helping to make this world a healthier place for everyone. We value reducing, reusing, and recycling all.


In addition, we have established the Support Our Earth Philanthropic account that we contribute a percentage of client fees to regularly. All funds are distributed to nonprofits and organizations that support Environmental Enhancements.

Meet The Team

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