The High Art of Self-Care



The high Art of Self-care is a life-affirming and creative practice, much like yoga and meditation.

Many of the ancient texts and sutras speak prolifically on the immense importance of satisfaction and delight as key components of health and well-being.

Learning about our environment and how it affects us.  Integrating Breath, Yoga, Silence, Visioning and Live Foods, rediscover a depth of satisfaction and never before.

Using Feng Shui, the Elements and Contemporary Design, we will learn how to naturally restore Balance and Health with our Bodies, Hearts and Homes

1) Building your Sacred Home...Room by Room

     * You will learn how the structure of your home affects your Relationships, Health, Finances,                        

        Career, Creativity and more. 

     * You will learn how to correct problem areas with simple techniques that are affordable.


2) Supporting your Body’s Vibrancy

    * You will learn how to calm and support your Nervous system,and remediate adverse effects of technologies

    * You will learn to eat consciously for Life with the introduction of simple Live foods into your diet   

    * You will learn the Art of Organic Body Care including enticing aromatic blends of salt, essential oils and room          sprays

 3) Contemplative practices

    * Cultivate your inner landscape of the Unseen and your

      helpers while weaving your Soul Song

    * Will include: Meditation, Silence, Yoga and Breath