Success Stories

Our clients tell us that when their physical space comes into balance, other areas of their life come into harmony as well: Health, Relationships, Prosperity, Well Being and more...

Safe home for our children

I would highly recommend working with Kiah. She was thorough and informative. 


I feel more relaxed knowing I've made a difference for my family by making this home a safe haven for them.  I've been especially worried about the exposure my kids were experiencing in their bedrooms as we have 3 computers right underneath them on the first floor.  She took a very practical approach and found the hot spots in my house.  She then offered solutions for each one.  I really appreciate that she kept following up and rechecking levels after I had made recommended changes.  

She gave me resources to make very simple changes.  They were easy enough so that my doubting husband was not bothered by the small but effective changes.  

Sharon, H., San Anselmo, CA

6 Figure Dream Office​

The breakthrough session I had with you was amazing. I've only been able to take a few small steps so far, but I'm already noticing that I have more energy, my relationships feel warmer, and I'm noticing more positive synchronicity in my life. It also is such a relief to know 1) that the energy (chi) of my home really was weighing me down and 2) what needs to be done so I can move forward one step at a time. Will call to do more.


Amy P.  2/18

Port Townsend

Home Office Remake...

Warm and Fuzzy...

Kiah is warm and friendly and zeroes right in on the issues that are most important to her clients. 

When working with Kiah, I experienced an expert who not only has confidence, clarity and knowledge in her field, but is easy going and very fun to work with. I highly recommend her to anyone ready to take their life to the next level.

Jill D., Santa Cruz, CA

WIFI and EMF Exposure...

"I highly recommend the work of Kiah.  She worked with me briefly but I can see that she does a thorough job of going through a home to find problem areas, such as what might be causing a health issue, or what might be getting in the way of moving forward on your goals.  Kiah is kind and understanding.  She tailors her work to the needs of each individual who seeks her services.  She helped me reduce my exposure to negative electricity and wi fi energy, which is very important, since I work online every day.

Connie, Colorado

Healing and Beauty...

After the first consultation I felt inspired to buy new plants to enhance the chi and bring more life-force into my home. These plants took on another importance as well. They became an exquisite outer reflection of the "little ones" on the inside I could tend,water and impart loving messages to...and this is just the beginning of a wonderful adventure of bringing more beauty, life and coherence to my home.

M.S. Sebastapol


More Peace at Office…

I loved how the changes we made allowed me to feel more at peace and easeful in doing my work in my office.

Daryl E.

Mill Valley, CA

Challenging Rental Space...

Where I was living was so imbalanced. I had no idea where to start but CHI Home Designs held my hand and supported me prioritizing what was most important and how to do it on a shoe string budget….thank you so much.


Bay Area, CA

It’s like magic; the changes, it was quite striking

J & B Darling

Marin, CA

More Productive Work…

My office looks so beautiful now and it feels serene and peaceful. I enjoy being here more now, and feel that I can get more work done. It is such a noticeable change......Thank you Kiah

Duane Light - Attorney

Marin , CA

We made some simple, yet potent changes in the living area of my home. Now I feel like spending more time there with it's enhanced beauty and aliveness.

M.S. Sonoma

County, CA

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