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Reduce, Release and Recreate

Free Yourself from Physical, Mental and Emotional Clutter Forever...

As you begin to see your external environment as a DIRECT reflection of your inner environment, naturally you will begin to consciously create your life in a more graceful, purposeful way that serves your deepest desires. 


Nowadays most of us are materially blessed with many things... and as a result, our homes, offices, and storage areas might easily become congested. If spaces become too congested and the vital energy (CHI) cannot flow freely, then there will be stagnation.


Think of your lungs when they become congested and it's difficult to breathe. The same thing can happen in our homes and offices.


In Feng Shui, all spaces are honored equally, including bathrooms, garages, and storage areas. As our new Feng Shui eyes are opened to this, and we have the knowledge of the Bagua Map, we can begin to see how the chronic challenges in our life can be held in place by chaotic garages, broken equipment, or plugged drains.  

As you explore the Bagua Map, you might discover your Love and Marriage area is located in the garage. If this is the case, the first thing you can do is clear any clutter, organize and make the space functional. Next, you might be inspired to add a beautiful piece of art that evokes the kind of loving, romantic relationship you want to share with your partner… or the one you are calling into your life. Some clients put large pieces of carpet and chandeliers in their garage to embellish this area of the Relationship Bagua... have fun and express what inspires romance and connection for you.

The bottom line is we want our relationship with all of our environments to be fabulous… so first start with clearing any clutter.

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