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Creating Healthy, Loving Homes, One room at a time . . .

History of Feng Shui and Daoism

Through understanding the inter-connectedness of Form and

Universal energy (CHI) we naturally begin to respect and honor all of our environments and including our home.

Design & Feng Shui

Using practical, cost-effective solutions, create a sustainable, harmonious home that supports restful sleep, health, and happiness, using the laws of Nature. Learn how color, layout, textiles, mirrors and the balancing of the five elements can support more ease in your life.

For 1,000's of years, it's been understood that when the flow of CHI of a home is blocked, constricted or too extreme, dis-ease will occur in our sleep cycles, moods, relationships, and work. Naturally, when your environment is designed to be safe, comfortable, and in alignment with the laws of NATURE, life flows with ease and grace. Story Section coming soon.

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A Bit about Feng Shui

"Form and Nature Embrace in the Gentlest of Kisses."

Terah K. Collins

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Thank you, Kiah. I am feeling some powerful changes since last weekend! Thank you so much for helping me move the furniture and for all your other tips and suggestions! May career totally up-leveled in a big way.

Kate S.

Through understanding the inter-connectedness of everything around us and the Universal Energy (CHI) that is expressed in all forms, we can begin to orchestrate our homes and thus lives in such a way that we experience vibrant health, a tranquil heart, loving relations, and prosperity in all areas of our lives.

Daoism is The Parent of Feng Shui, Chinese Medicine (TCM) 

and the I Ching. They all share the wisdom and understanding that humans thrive optimally when aligned and in harmony with the rhythms of the Universal Energy (CHI), in their physical environment and bodies.

The 3 Systems of Daoism

1) Feng Shui's purpose is to helps us create and sustain harmony in our physical environments.  

When these environments such as our homes, landscapes, and offices are brought back into balance, naturally we begin to feel more alive, vital, and healthy in all areas of our lives.

2) Chinese Medicine is a similar system of healing based on the idea that energy (CHI) flows along pathways in the body called meridians.

If the flow of CHI along these meridians is blocked or unbalanced, emotional disturbances, sickness, and chronic illness can occur.

This is analogous to our bedroom when the closets are stuffed with discarded objects, clutter is hiding behind the doors, and our exercise equipment is hiding under the bed.  The CHI cannot flow freely to nourish and cleanse the environment so stagnation can begin to show up as restlessness, agitation, mood swings, anxiety, depression, and illness.

Both Feng Shui and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which includes acupuncture, work with opening the vital pathways of CHI in our bodies and homes so we have clear pathways of inspiration, creativity, health and more. Then we naturally have a direct connection to "Heavenly and Earthly Energies", so they may bless our lives with Vitality and Well Being.

3) The I Ching

The I Ching is an influential text read throughout the world, providing inspiration to the worlds of religion, philosophy[1], literature, and art. The I Ching was the subject of scholarly commentary and the basis for divination practice for centuries across the Far East, and eventually took on an influential role in Western understanding of Eastern thought. Six numbers between 6 and 9 are turned into a hexagram, which can then be looked up in the I Ching book, arranged in an order known as the King Wen sequence.

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