Art Speaks

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Art can have many meanings, and its significance and impact
can change with time as you change. All art conveys a message,
so be sure it is a kind and loving one.
As with anything in your home….ask these simple questions
first to ensure your home is a beautiful refuge that nourishes and serves you.

Do you love your art?

How does it make you feel?

Does everyone in the house enjoy it?

The most important thing is your own personal
connection/feeling about the art or object with which you have
embellished your home.

Examine the art pieces above:

The headless bride....not the most loving jesture.

Huge donuts above your head....does it make one feel hungry when going to bed?

A romantic picture of three unknown women.  How many women are in your life?

The last piece .....which was created by Indigo Ray of Ashland,OR,  has an activating quality so this piece

would be best in an active room like an office or family room.

Have FUN and start to take notice of your art....what it signifies and where it is placed.

It can be very revealing and insightful.