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Picking Colors Functionally

What is the connection between Feng Shui and Color?

As you know, color plays a significant role in how we feel and what we are attracted to.

Colors elicit certain biological and emotional responses in humans and depending on each person you can use this resource to embellish habits and behaviors to your advantage. 

For example, for some individuals to enhance restful sleep they might want warmer colors so they feel comforted and embraced by the room. While women who are going through menopause might prefer cooler colors for the years they are migrating these hormonal change so they do not add to the already "False" Heat that is arsing.

Another example is if you want to foster intimacy in the bedroom you would draw on the "flesh" tones which includes, peach, cranberry, burgundy, browns, and white. Each individual, couple, and family are unique in what colors they are drawn towards and where they want to create balance and harmony.

Following the principles of the Five Elements, you can become a master at orchestrating Sacred Spaces. Watch how your family and friends respond to the changes you orchestrate.

In terms of simple Design principles, I always harmonize colors by "Repeat and Relating" them to bring the whole home into balance and natural flow.  As you begin to notice the variations of the Elemental colors and how to merge and complement all the variations, your whole home and life will blossom with effortlessly with great beauty, grace and joy.

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