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Safe Technology/EMF Consultations

Nowadays, we are all being bathed in a sea of unseen radiation that permeates

our cities, neighborhoods, and homes. Creating a Safe & Technologically "Quiet" Home has never been more imperative

to maintain a Healthy, Vibrant Life.

Full Home Analysis OR Hourly Consultations

A) Full Home EMF Analysis Includes:

  • Electromagnetic Radiation Education (Sources, Effects & Mitigation)

  • Professional Testing of  Electrical, Magnetic, and Radio Fields (Wireless Radiation)

  • Body Voltage Testing Included

  • Action Plan and Mitigation Protocols

  • Followup Session/Visit to Remeasure after Changes have been Made

CHI Home Design uses professional environmental meters and exposure baselines to assist you in making skillful decisions for you and your family. Once the testing is completed, you choose what and how you wish to mitigate the radiation. We will cover possible choices and offer additional resource lists for further research if desired. In addition, your consultation includes phone and email support as well as a return visit to retest changes to ensure you are getting the desired results from the changes that have been made. Your family's safety is our priority.

20 min to 60 min Online sessions available with Kiah Bosy 

Full SAFETY /EMF Consultations with Satya Giordano 


Contact Info: 415-488-3924  


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