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Feng Shui Five Elements 

In ancient China, Taoist Scholars and Mystics developed a profound understanding of life based on intimate observations of nature.  In Feng Shui, these elements, or energies, were described as Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water and were understood to be the prime physical and energetic building blocks from which all material substance in the phenomenal world is composed.    

By observing the ways our environments have been created from these elements, we can see the connections between the physical spaces we occupy and our thoughts, feelings, health, relationships, finances, career, creative expression, sexual vibrancy . . . ALL areas of our lives.

When the five elements are in balance, our nervous system naturally becomes calms, rest is restored, and health and well-being re-awakened.

Interesting Story . . .

One cold September night I was house-sitting for a friend for one month next to the Russian River. My sleep was agitated most evenings and I couldn't figure out the source of this disturbance. One night I awoke at

3 am and in my "sleep state" started to instinctively throw off my down comforter, the sheepskin under my RED sheets, peeled off my down vest, and then grabbed 2 synthetic comforters... it was a cold place to be living by the river. In the morning when I reviewed these impulse actions, I realized that all the things I had removed from my sleeping space were of the FIRE ELELMENT. I was stuck by the wisdom of the body in knowing the FIRE element can be very activating, energizing, and stimulating, not conducive for sleeping. Upon further investigation, I saw the view out my bedroom window was a huge pile of wood  (WOOD feeds the element FIRE) and....the view included the view of a burnt down house.  I quickly mitigated all the Fire elements and my sleep returned to its normal deep state. 

This was a profound teaching of the power of the element sand can affect one's quality of sleep.

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