Complete Home Consultations 

"Creating the Perfect Home"

Exhale deeply and rest assured that your Home Sanctuary is supporting all aspects of you and your family's life to the utmost.


A QUIET Home that has balanced CHI and very low EMFs can be likened to stepping into a warm pool of spring water. Naturally, one's nervous system relaxes and softens, allowing a new level of vibrancy to emerge and blossom. Restoring the equilibrium of nature brings a treasure trove of benefits to be experienced by all.

We will complete the consultation over two days of your choice and return once the new changes have been completed.

Full Home Consultation which includes Full EMF Analysis and Mitigation Suggestions as well as Full Design Consultation.  $1,200 for up to 3,000 sqft. (.50 for each additional foot above).

Over $200 Discount

Hourly Consultation $125/Hr (Minimum 2 hrs).

Travel Charges may apply.

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