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CHI Home Design supports Contractors, Designers, Architects, and Homeowners in creating distinctive homes that combine beauty, form, and function in an unparalleled way. We offer EMF (Electromagnetic Radiation) Analysis & Mitigation as well as  Feng Shui Design based on your individual project.


From conception to manifestation we evaluate your development site, floor plans, and plans for environmental and structural influences so that you may be confident in making mindful choices in the designing phase of your project.

At CHI Home Designs we know the final element in determining the sale of a house is... how it FEELS.  

Seasoned realtors know this from observing the purchasing habits of their clients. At CHI Home Designs, we pride ourselves in creating healthy homes and offices that look and FEEL GREAT!


Design Trivia... the placement of the utility room, the electrical panel, bathroom, kitchen, and garage can have a powerful impact on individuals' health as well as their general emotional well-being. Water walls and electrical grids are all considered in the design for your client. In Feng Shui, bedrooms are one of the most important areas to consider in a designing home to ensure deep, restful sleep and optimal health.

Whether it's EMFs or Feng Shui Design we analyze and mitigate all areas of the home including the entrance, the flow of foot traffic, the orientation of rooms to the street, positioning of the children's rooms, door placements, interior wall positioning, interior & exterior color of the home, landscaping, lighting and more. Every element of home design is reviewed.


Things That Affect the Sale of Properties...

  • Financial challenges, divorce, a death  that occurred in the home ("Space Clearings" available)

  • Clutter and placement of furniture, plants, objects, etc.

  • Accessibility to the property... the entrance to the house/flag lots, etc.

  • Surrounding community/immediate neighborhood/exposure to traffic grids

  • Safety of the home for children and infants

  • The feeling of the house and property 

  • Friendly neighbors and past relationships... past easement issues, lawsuits, etc.

All of these challenges can be remedied or enhanced simply


Avoid Costly Mistakes...


  • Is there a water wall at the head of someone’s bed?

  • Is there a power box on the opposite wall of a sleeping area?

  • Are there dark or low beams over someone's bed or workspace?

  • Is the financial area of the home included in the Bagua map of the home?

  • Create a plan that works for everyone and avoid costly pitfalls. We do Space Clearings for building and properties so you are starting with a fresh, clean slate when there has been a recent death, divorce or financial hardship.




We'll help you create a house where your clients will feel welcomed and purchasers compelled to purchase...


When a property is carefully Balanced using Design, Elemental balancing, and Feng Shui Principles, customers will naturally feel at Ease and Comfortable in the house and many concerns will naturally disappear.


We can help you sell your properties Quickly and Easily for the Maximum Amount of Profit by:


*Broadening your client base by appealing to more individuals

*Reducing remodeling time with simple tried and true techniques that require less money and time

*Reduce construction loan time... turn the property faster


 Call to review project objectives and timelines and service fees *


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