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EMF Analysis & Mitigation

Get Wired for Safety

Today we are bathed in a sea of unseen radiation that permeates our cities and neighborhoods. 

Creating a SAFE and "Technologically Quiet" Home is imperative to stay Healthy and Live a Vibrant Life in these changing times.

At CHI Home Design we provide full Home & Office Testing which includes Electrical Fields, Magnetic Fields and Radio Fields (Wireless Frequencies). We use professional environmental meters and use a variety of baselines to make skillful decisions for you and your family. Once the testing is completed,  you choose what and how you wish to remediate. We will educate you on what choices you have and offer additional resources lists for further research. As well you have phone support and do a return visit to retest and make sure you are getting the desired results from the changes that have been made. Your family's safety is our priority.

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Feng Shui Design

Changes Lives One Room at a Time...

What is your Home Saying to YOU? Environments do not lie. Within the makeup of a home, stories are told of what is working well and what is not. Everything on our earth is composed of the 5 elements, classically: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. How they are composed and arranged dictates how we feel, think and respond to life. The ALIVENESS of an environment is dictated by the presence of CHI (Primordial energy) and directly affects our Primary Relationships, Prosperity, Creativity, Productivity, Health, Career and all areas of our life.

Using Ancient Sciences and Arts I help you unlock the troubled areas of life so Ease and Wellness flow again.

We do Full Home or Office Analysis including immediate design changes and then return to re-evaluate and fine-tune anything that needs attention. We help you see with fresh eyes how your space influences your life. In addition, we provide Resource Lists, Enhancement Ideas, and Phone Support.

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Complete Home Package

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Inhale deeply and rest assured that your Home Sanctuary is supporting all aspects of you and your family's life to the utmost.

A QUIET Home that has balanced CHI and very low EMFs can be likened to stepping into a warm pool of spring water. Naturally, one's nervous system relaxes and softens, allowing a new level of vibrancy to emerge and blossom. Restoring the equilibrium of nature brings a treasure trove of benefits to be experienced by all.

We will complete the consultation over two days of your choice and return once the new changes have been completed.

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