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Creating Safe Homes and Environments

This is a fairly comprehensive list of products that will serve your everyday needs in the home and also your office. These prices are the standard and are in no way inflated. Simply click on the link and you'll be taken to Because they have so many products, I have chosen what I feel are the most important.



"Heat and Radiation Attenuating Pad for Laptops" with Added RF Shield. Laptops emit a high magnetic field from the base and annoying heat. This is particularly important for those using their laptop on their lap. This product redirects the magnetic fields.


H Black/Gray (Cat. #A257-N) ............... $99.95

<a href="">


Click here for the best prices of Computer Shielding Mats</a>

REMOTE KEYBOARD... (Corded, NOT Wireless)

"Reduce Computer Exposure Through Increased Distance"

With 107 keys, this black USB keyboard is great for home or office use. The USB interface allows plug-and-play compatibility with any computer with a USB port. Nice feel to the keys.

Laptops are especially difficult to shield without adding a lot of bulk. Dramatically reduce EMF exposure to your laptop or PC by simply increasing the distance. Best of all: 54 inch long cable connects easily through the USB port. Does not have mouse pad. A separate mouse or keyboard shortcuts can be used.

Remote Keyboard (Cat. #A248) ....... $9.95 

Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 4.09.54 PM.png



It is helpful to shield the radio frequency waves of the smart meter coming towards you and also the waves being emitted.


A Smart Meter is a radio frequency (RF) emitting device that the utility company has installed on your gas or electric meter. The RF signal emitted transmits information back to the utility company about your gas or electric usage. The signal is intermittent but operates 24/7. 

Clothing and Raw Materials ETC


(Compare to Flectron®)

Shiny, smooth fabric with pure copper. Light weight and flexible. Easy to cut and sew like ordinary fabric.

Better color stability due to tarnish resistant finish. High conductivity and shielding performance.

Use it for drapes, wall covering, garments, pouches and more. 

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