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Lifestyle Balance Quiz

Take a few moments to score the following list to reveal the influences in your current lifestyle. If your week days are very different from your weekends, score it from a weekday perspective and then again from a weekend perspective to see how they compare. Make note of how your current lifestyle could be balanced or enhanced and make any necessary changes as soon as possible.

0 ± Never     1 ± Rarely     2 ± Sometimes     3 ± About half the time     4 ± Often     5 ± Very Often or Always

       Spend lots of time at home


       Spend time alone

       Work alone

       Hang out alone

       Spend lots of time away from home

       Work/be active

       Give time with other people

       Work with other people

       Socialize and entertain

       Have quiet intimate conversations

       Meditate, journal, reflect

       Read silently


       Speak softly

       Listen more than talk

       Feel grounded

       Feel relaxed

       Feel calm

       Feel spiritually connected

       Drink non-caffeine drinks

       Prepare home-cooked meals

       Dine leisurely

       Take a leisurely bath or shower

       Not hurry

       Be organized

       Get a full night's sleep


My favorite Activity is__________________


       Have loud animated conversations

       Move, dance, exercise

       Read aloud

       Do chores

       Speak loudly

       Talk more than listen

       Feel spacey

       Feel stressed

       Feel anxious

       Feel spiritually disconnected

       Drink caffeinated drinks

       Eat already prepared foods

       Eat on the go

       Take a quick shower


       Be disorganized

       Do many things at one time

       Drive faster than the speed limit

       Engage in lively activities

       Listen to fast music

       Work in the garden

       Drive at the speed limit
       Engage in quiet pastimes
       Listen to relaxing music

       Relax in the garden

       Do one thing at a time

       Do not get a full night's sleep


My favorite way to Relax is______________



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