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About Liz Menkes

Liz Menkes is a professional EMF Consultant in the San Francisco Bay Area and one of only a few Certified Building Biology Environmental Consultants (Building Biologists) in the country.  She is also a Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist, having completed an advanced training program through the Building Biology Institute.
She first became interested in electromagnetic fields several years ago when her neighborhood opposed a cell tower that would be very close to its homes.  That experience led her to representing a firm that advises local governments on the regulation of wireless facilities, and then later to doing EMF assessments.
Liz has been doing EMF home and office assessments since 2011.  She was trained in the Building Biology protocol for measuring and mitigating EMFs.  Liz has been a teaching assistant for the Building Biology EMF seminar.  She also acts as a mentor for new EMF consultants completing the Building Biology program.
Liz regularly gives presentations on EMFs and safer use of wireless technology.  She has presented twice at the LiveAware Conference in San Francisco and has also presented to the Marin Health Advisory, as well as college classes and local chapter groups such as the Weston A. Price Foundation.
Liz has a B.A. in History from UCLA.  She also received a certification in Electricity from Diablo Valley College.

The Process

In-Home Assessment
An assessment typically takes about 4 - 5 hours. It can take longer depending upon the size of the home and the issues encountered.
When we come to your home, we spend the first half-hour explaining the different kinds of electromagnetic fields, what are their sources, what are the symptoms, what does the science say, and what do the numbers mean. We also share summaries of scientific studies that help you understand the seriousness of this issue. We involve you in the investigation process, explaining the measurements and answering questions as we go through the house.

Radio Frequency
We use top-of-the-line Gigahertz Solutions radio frequency meters from Germany, including the HFE59B and HFW59D to measure wireless sources. We measure radio frequency levels both inside and outside the home, from sources such as wireless routers, cordless phones, smart meters, laptops, iPads, baby monitors, cell towers, and more. We help develop a strategy for reducing or shielding these exposures. The strategy and solutions may vary depending on a number of factors, including budget, whether one owns or rents their home, the severity of exposure, and individual sensitivity.

Electric Fields

We use a Gigahertz Solutions NFA1000 3D low-frequency analyzer to measure electric fields. We primarily focus on the sleeping areas, evaluating each bedroom to identify which breakers are impacting these rooms. We develop a strategy for safely turning off the appropriate breakers at night without affecting any critical services. We also advise on ways to automate this process, which requires a licensed electrician. In addition, we measure the electrical field levels in the home office and the kitchen and advise on ways to reduce the electric fields in these rooms.

Magnetic Fields
We identify and measure sources of elevated magnetic fields. Sources include the following:
• High-tension power lines and local power distribution lines.
• Faulty wiring in the home, for example, if neutral wires from two or more circuits are joined together in a junction box. This requires a licensed electrician to fix. We provide referrals of electricians experienced with this type of work.
• Wiring errors in your neighbors’ homes. If your neighbors have wiring errors, then stray current can be transmitted into your home via the water pipes. We measure current on the water pipes to identify this issue. This can be remedied by a licensed plumber.

Dirty Electricity
We measure dirty electricity levels with a power surge meter, and also identify sources within the home that increase these levels, such as dimmer switches and compact fluorescent lights (CFLs). Often, dirty electricity can be substantially reduced by eliminating the sources.

Written Report
We provide you with a written summary of findings and recommendations, as well as data collection sheets with all the measurements. In addition, the assessment includes an EMF Assessment Guide with detailed explanations, safety tips, resources and instructions for resolving some commonly-found issues. We also help you prioritize which are the most important EMF issues to address in your home.


We charge $150 per hour for our time.
There may be a travel fee, depending upon the location of the assessment site. Please call for details.
A customized report is available for an extra fee.


"I’ve had symptoms of chronic fatigue, nonspecific anxiety, general malaise and foggy brain for years. My doctor suggested I test my home for EMFs, so  I called Liz Menkes who found a huge magnetic field running right through my bed.  She turned off the problem breaker and that night I began sleeping more restfully than I had for years.  Over the following weeks as the faulty wiring in my home was repaired, I noticed that I was gaining energy and stamina, and that my mind was sharper.  I feel more like myself than I have for a decade and it’s wonderful!  I feel like Liz helped me find the fountain of youth.  Liz also educated about me about EMFs and provided resources to fix problems; plus she was supportive and delightful to work with. THANK YOU for making my home and body healthier Liz!!"

~ W.D., Berkeley

"As a person who suffers from EMF hypersensitivity, I’ve had the good fortune to work with Liz Menkes in the mitigation of electromagnetic emissions in our home. Ms. Menkes deserves a 5-star rating as an EMF specialist. Her tenacity in problem solving, her professional expertise, her caring personal interest in her clients’ welfare, and her enthusiastic love of her work make her a stand-out in this field.  I have found Ms. Menkes to be unequaled in her clear communication skills and in the “after-care” of her clients. It is because of Ms. Menkes’ personal and professional qualities that she brings to bear on all her assignments, that I consider her to be a bright star in the Building Biology profession. I recommend Ms. Menkes without reservation, enthusiastically and gratefully!"

~ Irene Boltz - Speech Pathologist, Walnut Creek

"Liz did a great job checking the EMFs in our home and helping to make my son’s room a safe place to sleep.  His room measured very high on the EMF scale.  Now that Liz has helped me to lower that, he sleeps better and is no longer getting headaches.  He is even doing better in school.  Thanks Liz for the great job.  I would recommend this for everyone!"

~ Sue G., Walnut Creek

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