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Router Shut OFF Timer

Router Shut OFF Timer


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    Adds a Measure of Safety and EMF Reduction


    Many items that plug-in are not totally off when you turn them off. Chargers come to mind, as do TVs, stereos, coffee-makers and so on. These items all use electricity (and waste money) and produce EMFs... even when off! Imagine if you could control when you want them on and for how long, with the simple touch of a button.


    The Multi-Setting Time is so simple to use... Just plug it into the wall outlet then plug the desired appliance into the timer. Press the big button to set it for 1 hour, 2, 4, or 8 hours of operation. The timer immediately turns power on to the appliance and begins counting down.


    But that's not all it is good for. What's running right now that does not need to be on" In the kitchen" Basement" Garage" Workshop" What if you want to use an item for a while and have it shut off automatically. Maybe you want to prevent an accidental burn or fire. Or you just like to save electricity. Think of electric blankets, humidifiers, holiday lights, hair curlers, table lamps or just about anything that is plugged in. Now consider this: what if you want to limit your kids use of wifi, video game or TV" Just let them know they have X hours until the device shuts off and walk away! So many uses. Handles 2-prong or 3-prong plugs, 125V, 60 Hz up to 15A. UL listed. Indoor use only.

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