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Circuit Breaker Shield

Circuit Breaker Shield


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    Decorative Magnetic Shielding


    A circuit breaker box (or fuse box) in the bedroom, living room, kitchen, or other living space can be a real problem. Strong magnetic field emissions (depending on how much electric current is flowing) and electric field emissions can make the nearby area hazardous to occupy, especially for long periods. Shielding is certainly possible, but the shield must not hamper quick and easy access to the controls inside the box. NOTE: This is designed for small apartment panles, around 18" x 12" or similar. You may need more material for larger panels.


    If you are handy, you can use the magnetic shielding materials listed on LessEMF to make your own hinged shield. If you want an easier solution, here it is. It's a picture (or poster) in a nice frame, with high performance Giron shielding material behind the picture. Just put a nail above the breaker box and hang the shielded picture where you need it. The bigger the shield, the better the shielding. In our tests, a 2-foot section of Giron in a 24x36 inch frame provided 50-70% reduction of magnetic field.

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