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Computer Monitor and TV Screen Shield

Computer Monitor and TV Screen Shield


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    Transparent Electric Field Shielding. Great for Laptops, Desktop Screens and TVs!


    Want shielding you can see through? Using our 40 dB VeilShield fabric (which you can buy to make this yourself) for great RF and 100% E-field shielding, these framed shields can be custom made in any size up to 16" x 28". Highly transparent. Can help reduce exposure to electric fields. Frame is 3/4 inch wide, 1/4 inch thick. Includes 12 foot ground cord. Attaches to your display with adhesive hook and loop (included) Note: If you cover a touch screen, you cannot use the "touch" feature. Some Moiré pattern is inevitable, so not recommended for high resolution work. These will shield electric field and radiofrequency emitted by the monitor. They do not reduce glare or blue light. Please note: The material used does contain nickel. Please be careful when handling this item, and wear gloves if needed.


    Video demonstrating the effectiveness of the shield:

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