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    Michael's Newly Updated eCourse, with 5G Updates and More!


    Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are a rising health concern.  We are being exposed to increasing levels of EMFs, from a wide variety of sources such as 5G.   This course will provide you with the practical “how-to” guidance you need, to test EMFs and protect your health.


    Everything You Need to Know, to Reduce EMFs and Protect Your Health!


    You already know that electromagnetic fields (EMFs) can cause a wide variety of health problems – from headaches and sleep problems – to hormone changes and cancer.  But what can you do about it?  What works?  What doesn’t work?


    Take a deep dive into the fundamentals of EMFs and how to reduce them – at your own pace, and in your own home – in this newly expanded training course by long-time EMF expert, Michael Neuert.

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