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Relax Portable Far Infrared Sauna

Relax Portable Far Infrared Sauna

$2,000.00 Regular Price
$1,500.00Sale Price

Great Sale Price!

I love this sauna and so appreciate I can actually sweat generously in 20 min. That is a rare feat for me and in other FIR saunas it takes atleast an hour.


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    What makes Relax Saunas different from other portable far infrared saunas?

    ​​It is the only Sauna with computer-programmed ceramic semi-conductor chips that filters out ALL of the non-healing light rays, so that you can totally absorb the healing far infrared rays of 4-14 microns, and not have to resist any other energies.


    This personal sauna tent fits in the included carrying case.
    The Relax Far Infrared Sauna consists of:

    • a folding nylon chair
    • a collapsible far infrared sauna tent which is specially designed to reflect the far infrared rays around the body
    • two far infrared emitting radiators, a timer switch, and two support poles (that keep the front of the tent fully billowed)
    • a carrying bag is included with the Relax Sauna
    • Sauna dimensions 35"x30"x45", 33lbs
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