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YShield High Frequency Shielding Paint

YShield High Frequency Shielding Paint


Best  to consult rearding the best use of this amazing product. Check all electrical fields, and grounding and be sure all windows and floors (fi needed) are shielded. Call Kiah @ 415-488-3924 for a short consult or Liz Menkes for complete consulation.


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    Provides EMF shielding protection from High Frequency Radiation from wireless communications such as modems, DECT phones, Television and radio stations, smart meters and cell Towers. When Grounded offers great low frequency electric field radiation. Grounding also offers protection from electric shock.


    Important note about conductive paint and the National Electric Code: There is nothing in the NEC which prohibits painting your walls with conductive paint. However, because this product does NOT carry a UL listing, some electrical inspectors, by virtue of being the "Authority Having Jurisdiction" can require the homeowner to hire an electrical engineer to certify that the product is safe to connect to the electrical ground. They can also require that a licensed electrician perform the ground connection. If your application requires an electrical inspection AFTER installation, you should check with your local inspector BEFORE you proceed to avoid any surprises.


    Easy to apply water-based carbon conductive paint for walls, ceilings, doors and other interior OR exterior surfaces. Very effective for blocking cell phone signals, CB, TV, AM, FM signals, radiofrequency radiation and microwaves. Tested highly effective up to 18 GHz!


    Based on a high quality pure acrylic binder, this shielding paint offers a perfect compromise of excellent attenuation, high water resistance and good ecology. Good adhesion on many surfaces and substrates like latex paint, construction boards, cement, plaster, polystyrene, masonry surfaces, etc.


    Frost-resistant liquid format, ready to use right out of the bottle. Easy to handle - roll similar to ordinary wall paint - and still achieve an amazing reduction of 99% of HF-Radiation with only one layer. Dries quickly. Water clean-up.


    Due to its holohedral carbon structure, without fibers or meshes, it offers consistent attenuation regardless of the direction of signal polarization, and a highly conductive surface. As a bonus, carbon is a good RF absorber. About 10% of Y-Shield shielding effectiveness is due to absorption. This helps reduce reflections and minimizes the risk from RF sources trapped inside the shielded area.


    15 month long shelf life. Safe for air or ground shipping during warm months. Use EXPRESS shipping during winter to prevent any freeze/thaw damage.


    • Cover with latex paint, wallpaper, etc. to achieve desired aesthetics
    • Color: black
    • Attenuation: typically 30 dB per layer
    • Resistivity: ~10 Ohm per sq
    • Minimum application temperature: +1°C / 33.8°F
    • Weight: 3.2 lb /liter
    • Typical coverage: 50-100 ft² (~ 5-10 m²) per liter
    • Shelf Life: 15 months, unopended
    • RoHS Compliant
    • VOC content 0,2 g/l


    Requires grounding like any other RF shielding material. Appropriate for home, industry, research, and educational applications. Can be used for interior or exterior application, overcoat with high hiding latex paint of any color.


    Video about EMF Painting:


    Click Here for Complete Installation Instructions (.pdf)


    Click Here for MSDS (.pdf)

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