Sleep Solutions Program

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Our Environment influences even our cells . . .    Epigenetic Scientist, Bruce Lipton

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The Science of Sleep

  • Learn what Electronics Disrupt  your Sleep 

  • Learn  how EMFs cause anxiety, heart irregularities, headaches, destroy melatonin, hijack sleep and negate their affects

  •  Get the Solutions to Create a Healthy Intelligent Home

  • Hot Tips for Traveling and Hotel Stays

  • Informed, Loving Support

        (PDFs, Videos, Research, Coaching)


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The Design of Sleep

  • Does your bedroom have  the BIG Deal Breakers for Sleep

  • Safe Lighting, Closets, Mirrors, Utility of room & more

  • Optimal Design  (Colors, Textures, Art, and Bedding and Ideal Bed Position

  • Rejuvenate, restore, and  while sleeping

  • Informed, Loving Support

        (PDFs, Videos, Research, Coaching)


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The Alchemy of Sleep

  • Unique Bedtime Concoctions that work! 

  • Wisdom of the Masters to CALM  your Nervous System  and welcome back sleep

  • Breathing yourself to Dream Land

  • Sleep begins the moment you wake up Balanced Lifestyles made simple

  • Informed, Loving Support

        (PDFs, Videos, Research, Coaching)


Video Interviews that  Professionals that KNOW!


  • Can Nasal Breathing Increase your capacity to Rest?  - Marilynn Preston, journalist, healthy lifestyle expert, Emmy-winning TV producer

  • Is it difficult to speak to Loved Ones about their addiction to cell phones etc? - Compassionate Communication Teacher ,Coach, International Speaker . . . Aya Caspi

  • The Importance of  an EMF /Technology SAFE Home - Liz Menkes


  • Relax & Detox: Awaken your Natural Blueprint for Sleep. President of Relax Saunas, Phil Wilson.

  • The power of BreathAncient Wisdom that instantly Calms the nervous system -  Ogi 

  • Overwhelm & Addiction with Technology - Trauma Expert, Keslie Mack

  • Words from an EMF Analyst - EMF Analyst, Satya Giardino