About Kiah . . .

Canadian born and raised, Kiah Bosy is a spirited Environmental Alchemist extraordinaire. Her formal education is in Environmental Sciences, Education Management, Feng Shui (Gold Level) and EMFs (Electromagnetic Fields) Analysis & Mitigation. 

Her passion is helping others recreate their home and office environments so they naturally experience a new "up-leveling" in all areas of their life, including their health, finances, relationships, creativity and spiritual aspirations, all common denominators to living a vibrant, happy life that has full expression.

 If you are ready to create your "Happy", Healthy,  Place, she's your gal.

She loves the challenge of working with clients budgets whether big or small, as well as being as ecologically-oriented as possible.

No job is too big or too small. From redesigning the floor plans for an estate for a national baseball team owner to tiny homes, her passion is equally present.

Schooling and Educational Adventures

Degree in Environmental & Biological Sciences (BS)

Environmental Education Management (OED)

EMF (Electromagnetic Fields) Training with leading Engineer and Electrical contractor in EMF Field

Gold Level Essential Feng Shui and Five Elements Certification.

Counseling (Transpersonal and Hypnotherapy certification)

Dharma Teacher in Kuan Um School (Zen Buddhism)

Lama Training in Tibetan Buddhism (Nyingma Lineage)

I have done many healing apprenticeships in Esoteric Healing, Theta Healing, NLP, Shamanism and more.



          * Designed & facilitated new home construction and remodels

          * Designed and recreated floor plans/blueprints for medical offices &                     private homes and estates (up to 8,000 sq ft)

          * Studied alternative building styles (Strawbale/Cobb and Paper-crete)

          * Have traveled internationally witnessing many architectural forms                       and lifestyles....from Africa to the Middle East to Asia to Europe

          * Over 30 years of spiritual practices, teachings, and retreats.

     I invite you to create the most amazing, glorious life possible, so we may have the pleasure of experiencing the gifts you bring to this world. 

           Kiah (Kaya)