Supporting Families & Individuals so they can REST Assured . . . .

About Kiah Bosy, Founder of  the Sleep Solutions Program

Canadian born and raised, Kiah pronounced Kaya, is a spirited Environmental Alchemist who loves to create beauty, harmony, and well-being using the wisdom of Nature's Principles.

Her mission is supporting families and individuals to create Healthy, Intelligent Homes that are Safe as well as Nourishing, so rest comes easily all can have productive, happy, loving lives.


Her formal education is in Environmental & Biological Sciences, Education Management, Gold Level Essential Feng Shui, and EMF (Electromagnetic Field) Analysis & Mitigation. 


While she prides herself in working within the client's budget she still maintains the highest standards in aesthetics and environmental impact. No job is too big or too small, Her portfolio ranges from blueprint analysis and remediation of 8,000 sq ft estates to 150 sq ft. studios and rooms. Her passion is equally present and inspired at each home she lovingly recreates.

Schooling and Educational Adventures

  • Degree in Environmental & Biological Sciences (BSc) Canadian University

  • Ass. Degree in Environmental Education Management (OED) Canadian University

  • EMF (Electromagnetic Fields) Training with leading Engineer in Electromagnetic Fields

  • Gold Level Essential Feng Shui and Five Elements Certification (E.F.S.)

  • Schooling in Alternative Building Styles (Strawbale/Cobb and Paper-Crete)

  • Counseling (Trans-personal and Hypnotherapy certification)

  • Training and apprenticeships in Interdisciplinary Healing for over 40 years

        (Reiki Master and Healing Art Apprenticeships in Theta Healing and the Shamanic Arts)


  • Hands-on experience in designing and facilitating new home construction and remodels

  • Blueprint & Floor Plan Analysis and/or Design

  • Home & Office Makeovers 

  • EMF Analysis & Mitigation

  • Real Estate Sale Assistance

  • Traveled internationally witnessing many architectural forms and lifestyles... from Africa to the Middle East to Asia and Europe

  • Over 35 years of interdisciplinary studies and practice in Yogic Sciences and Spirituality