Are you . . .


* Waking groggy

* Snapping at co-workers & family members

* Afraid of getting sick or weakened immunity

* Frustrated in your intimate relationships

* Unproductive at work and fear loosing your job

* Just plain Tired of it ALL . . .

Introducing "Sleep Solutions" . . . the science of Deep Rest

  Get Ready for . . .

  • A good night's sleep

  • Waking up refreshed

  • Feeling energized & productive

  • Feeling rested & easy-going

  • Being happy & empowered

   Harvard Medical School calls sleep the third pillar of good health, for good reason!   

The 3 Pillars of Sleep Solutions

1. Identify the Root Causes

First of all, we must identify the causes and sources of the disturbances before you can effectively create the changes. Are your root causes Physical, Emotional, or Genetic in nature? When do you feel most rested and restored? What is your history of sleep? Is your home wired for deep sleep? Exploration through observation is the first pillar.

2. Locating the Source of the Problem

I work primarily with the physical conditions that affect the physiological parameters of your body, which in turn alters your moods, relationships, productivity, immune system, and more. Whether it's your technology rendering your pineal gland's capacity to secrete melatonin or the design and layout of your home is disharmonious, we'll find your unique solutions so you and your family stay healthy and happy.

3. Make the Changes

We will create a personalized plan of action to ensure you have all the best protocols in place so you can rest with ease. Your Plan of Action might entail Testing of Electromagnetic Fields including Safe Technology Protocols or . . . it might include design strategies that harmonize your home so your nervous system naturally learns how to rest.

I'VE BEEN THERE, and I know how crucial healthy, deep sleep is. It took me years of studies in the field of EMF Analysis (ElectroMagnetic Fields) and Environmental Design to figure out what was destroying my sleep and ultimately my health. Because of my distress, I now have the "eyes" and scientific instruments to see the invisible forces that disrupt sleep patterns.

It's time to Reclaim your power to rest and ultimately, reclaim your JOY.

Nourishing Bedrooms 

Feng Shui & Design 

  • Get the Perfect Night's Sleep

  • Optimal Health & Restful Sleep

  • Learn the Deal-Breakers for Bedrooms

  • Reclaim Healthy Relationships 


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What Folks are saying . . .

Kiah Bosy BS, OED, EFS

Certified Feng Shui & EMF Consultant

Based in San Francisco area and serving the

US and Canada 

The Perfect Sleeping Environment

EMF Analysis & Mitigation

  • Naturally Improved Sleep Without Meds

  • Improved Work Performance & Grades

  • Improved Energy, Vitality & Happiness

  • Deeper Relaxation & Ease throughout the day

Create an EMF Safe Home




"I love how Kiah zeroes in on the issues that are most important to her clients. When working with her, I experienced an expert who not only had confidence, clarity, and knowledge in her field but was easy going and fun to work with. I would highly recommend her to anyone ready to take their life to the next level."

~ Jill D, Santa Cruz, CA

"If you want a home and office environment that supports you thriving in life and being

the very best you can be, I strongly recommend Kiah. She is your lady."

~ Arlene K

"Kiah gently opens new doors for me and she seemed to have everything that was needed, tucked inside her pocket. I had the sense that I was in the right hands to handle a multitude of challenges in my environment.  I am so grateful that I finally decide to nurture my health and take it to the highest level."

~ KCB, San Anselmo, CA       


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