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CreatingSacred Spaces . . .

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I Support women who are 45+ to transform their homes into a sanctuary to support their changing needs (during this pivotal time) in their life.

  • Hormones having a party without you?

  • Children leaving home soon?

  • Longing for deeper creative purpose?

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It's time to create an environment where you can fully be YOU, during this pivotal time of life?

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As professional women and mothers, we have poured our loving energy into our families, careers, and relationships for much of our lives. It has served us well, but now our needs and expressions are changing.

Careers are established, kids are leaving home, bodies in flux, and uncertainty is a friend again. 

This is a time we all naturally begin to long for more purposeful expression and intimate connection with ourselves and Source.

Do you feel the need to rest, restore and express like never before? Inherently it is a time to turn our attention more towards the inner world and manifest our deepest calling.  Your environment can deeply support doing this.

Hello, my name is Kiah Bosy . . .


My passion and gift is analyzing and balancing home environments so one can experience optimal Rest, Health, Purpose, and Spiritual unfoldment.

EVERY aspect of our life is deeply impacted by what our environment dictates resulting in either challenges or, ease and success. I'm here to help. Whether it's clearing "Stuck Energy",  keeping wireless technology safe,  or consecrating a new meditation space, I bring over 30 years of hands-on experience and skills to your home, office, and garden area. 


EMF Consultant and Certified Essential Feng Shui Designer

Based in the San Francisco area  Serving the U.S. and Canada. 

"She's friggin brilliant at figuring out what needs to happen . . ."

Services Offered... tailored to your needs
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Home Design Consultations 


Home Visits and/or Online Sessions


  • Declutter and Organize your home

  • Correct Color, Lighting, Art, Floorplans, Textiles, Design Flow, etc.

  • Use the 5 Elements to harmonize the space

  • Balance your bedroom for Leisure,  

         Romance and Nourishing evenings​

  • Work with your Workspace, Health goals, and Relationships desires.

Safe Technology Consultations

Home Visits and/or Online Sessions

With the advent of wireless technology, we are all being bathed in a sea of unseen radiation that permeates our cities, neighborhoods, bodies, and homes. Creating a Safe, Technologically "Quiet" Home has never been more important.  We perform Analysis, Testing, and Mitigation, and offer solutions to enhance rest, physical well-being, and general vitality. 

Available Classes 

"Sleep Solutions Program"

         1) Design Your Ideal Sanctuary

         2) Reduce Your EMF Pollution

         3) Alchemy for a Calm CNS


We will cover a specific topic and have Q & A so you can fix your Design challenges, reduce EMF Pollution, and uplevel your Lifestyle so you can stop overloading your nervous system with anxiety, insomnia, mood swings, health challenges, and stressful relationships.

In the Beginning . . .

One day while I was attending a business conference in San Francisco, a large part of my brain function completely shut down. In a matter of seconds, I no longer had the capacity to understand one word of the presenter. The silence in my head was terrifying. I floundered with the thought that I had early-onset 

Alzheimer's. Surely I was too young for that. There was no record of this disease in my family history.

Mortified, I returned home and immediately dug in to find out what EXACTLY was disrupting my nervous system and my health.  I had been experiencing restless nights, headaches, brain fog, heart palpitations, unsourced body core heat, and memory loss for about one year but was not certain of the source. People had stories and ideas but nothing landed for me as tangible. Slowly, slowly I unwrapped the mystery and found what invisible forces were "wreaking havoc" with my sleep and immune system. 

I decided to study Electromagnetic Radiation with one of the leading Engineers in the US.  After much learning,  testing and experimenting  I found the blueprint for an ease-filled, balanced life, and my health and vitality began to return. It is known that cell phones, routers (wireless technology), and electrical and magnetic fields affect our body's natural homeostasis. And....there was more. There were still subtle disturbances in my ability to sleep deeply and I instinctively knew it was how my home AND office were put together. This took my training in Design to a more profound level of understanding.

THE GOOD NEWS IS . . . I have the wisdom, tools, resources, and experience so you can immediately implement  "Precautionary Principles"  with your technology and correct Design Flaws so your home is Healthy, "Intelligent"  and Harmonious. 

I am here to reassure you that there is a more elevated way of living life fully.

Lets all "live happily ever after"

What Folks are saying about us . . .

"I was so blown away by the work Kiah did with me. She touched every area of my life with her expertise, wisdom, and love. It seemed like there was no edge of her knowing. She was familiar and felt comfortable in design, the sciences, communication, and construction, even spiritual matters.  The consultation integrated both the science of electronics and the natural intelligence of the land. I was deeply honored to have the opportunity to work with her. I will be calling on her services for sure when I build my new house to ensure I am working in alignment with the land and using optimal design and environmental awareness, so my remaining life visions have fertile soil to flower."

~ G.B., San Francisco Bay Area, CA

"I love how Kiah zeroes in on the issues that are most important to her clients. When working with her, I experienced an expert who not only had confidence, clarity, and knowledge in her field but was easy-going and fun to work with. I would highly recommend her to anyone ready to take their life to the next level."

~ Jill D, Santa Cruz, CA

"If you want a home and office environment that supports you thriving in life and being

the very best you can be, I strongly recommend Kiah. She is your lady."

~ Arlene K

"Kiah gently opened new doors for me and she seemed to have everything that we needed, tucked inside her pocket. I had the sense that I was in the right hands to handle a multitude of challenges in my environment.  I am so grateful that I finally decide to nurture my health and take it to the highest level."

~ KCB, San Anselmo, CA

 More . . .

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CHI Home Designs

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Serving the greater San Francisco Bay area 

and the U.S. online.

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