Sleep Challenges?

The Affects of Poor Sleep . . .

  • Lowered Immunity 

  • Possible Job Loss due to Lack of Creativity and Productivity

  • Lack of Emotional Resilience (depression, anxiousness, frustration, overwhelm, etc)

  • Increased risk of Accidents

  • Challenged Relationships

  • Increased risk of Cancers

  • Increased risk of Addictive Behavior

Creating Ideal  Sleep sanctuaries

Reclaim Deep Rest and Sound Sleep


  • Fall Asleep and Stay Asleep

  • Eliminate Stressors

  • Improve Energy & Productivity

  • Improve Grades & Creativity

  • Enhance connection & Relationships

  • Strengthen your Immune System

  • Improve our Longevity

FINALLY, Rest using the Science and Design of  your Environment 

Sleep Solutions OnlineProgram

The 3 Foundations of  DEEP Rest & Sound Sleep

1. The Science of Sleep

  • Which Technologies Disrupt Sleep (EMFs)

  • Identifying ALL the Sources

  • Clear Solutions to make your Bedroom Safe 

  • Videos, Powerpoints, and Resource Links

  • Support (PDFs, Videos, Research, Suggestions)

2. The Design of Sleep

  • Learn the Deal Breakers in Bedrooms

  • Room use 101 (Lighting, Beds, Mirrors & more)

  • Optimal Colours, Textures, Art, and Bedding

  • "Command" position of the bed

  • Support (PDFs, Videos, Research, Ideas)

3. The Alchemy of Sleep

  • Nourishing Night-Time Concoctions

  • Unique, Pre bedtime Remedies that work!

  • Yogic tips for Calming the Nervous System 

  • The Ideal, balanced Lifestyle made simple

  • Support (Videos, Recipes, Resources)




 Complete Home and, Hourly Consultations in EMF Solutions & Design

EMF Analysis & Mitigation

Unplugged, Healthy Living

  • EMF Safe Bedrooms and Homes

  • Improve Work Performance & Grades

  • Improve Energy, Vitality & Memory

  • Enhance Moods and Relationships


Design & Feng Shui Consultations

Creating the Ideal Home

  • How does your Home Design support you

  • Colour, Design, and Flow

  • Optimal  Placement

  • Creating Harmonious Spaces

  • Organize, Reuse and Remove to enliven your home

our Story. . .

After years of study in the fields of Environmental Science, EMF Analysis (Electromagnetic Fields), and Environmental Design,  

I finally figured out what was triggering my nervous system thus disrupting my sleep and damaging my health. Restless nights, headaches, brain fog, heart palpitations, unsourced body core heat, and memory lapses plagued my nights and days. One event, in particular, turned my life around forever. While attending a business conference in San Francisco part of my brain cognition shut down and after 3 hours, and I could not understand a single word that was being spoken. I was terrified. Did I have "early-onset" Alzheimers? 

This traumatizing event ignited my passionate investigation into uncovering what was disrupting my mental volition, sleeping patterns, immune system imbalances, erratic energy levels, and heart palpitations and strong mood swings, etc. 


What I discovered was Electromagnetic Radiation Pollution (EMFs) and my Sleeping Environment were wreaking havoc with my nervous system and making my life a living hell.

Today, after much research and studying with a leading EMF Engineer and Essential Feng Shui Master, l have the "eyes" and scientific instrumentation to see the invisible forces that disrupt nocturnal patterns and disturb our inherent capacity to rest and live life 100%. I am happy to share these tools and resources so you can naturally restore your body's ability to Rest Deeply.

So how do you finally get to Sleep?

    Identify  the Cause

     To begin we will identify the root cause and sources of Sleep Disturbances.

     Are they Physical, Emotional, Genetic, or Environmental in nature?

     Are your bedroom and home wired for deep sleep?

     Is your bedroom conducive for relaxing and falling into dreamland?

     Are your diet and daytime habits keeping you up at night?

     Find out what the design deal breakers in the bedroom are.

    Locate the Source of the Problem

     Whether it's the electrical grids, magnetic fields, radiofrequency pollution (EMFs), how your bedroom is put together, what is             your sleep hygiene like?  Locate your personal "sore spots" so you can reset your nervous system and brain and reboot for sleep.         Whether it's professional meters or examining your floor plan, we'll find the imbalances and correct them.

    Make the Changes

     Whether you choose to do our "Sleep Solutions Program" or choose a private consultation you'll easily create your own                         Plan of Action that will turn your Sleep Defaults into Sleep Lullabys.   

    Choose your own timing in the privacy of your home.

Get WIRED for SLEEP. . . CLICK below to learn more about improving your Sleeping patterns and more . . .

What Folks are saying . . .

Kiah Bosy BS, OED, E.F.S.

Certified Feng Shui & EMF Consultant

Based in San Francisco area and serving the

U.S. and Canada 


"I love how Kiah zeroes in on the issues that are most important to her clients. When working with her, I experienced an expert who not only had confidence, clarity, and knowledge in her field but was easy going and fun to work with. I would highly recommend her to anyone ready to take their life to the next level."

~ Jill D, Santa Cruz, CA

"If you want a home and office environment that supports you thriving in life and being

the very best you can be, I strongly recommend Kiah. She is your lady."

~ Arlene K

"Kiah gently opens new doors for me and she seemed to have everything that was needed, tucked inside her pocket. I had the sense that I was in the right hands to handle a multitude of challenges in my environment.  I am so grateful that I finally decide to nurture my health and take it to the highest level."

~ KCB, San Anselmo, CA       


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